USA Citizenship Service

USA Immigration and Citizenship Services is a United States information provider. We provide latest information on the U.S. citizenship and naturalization process. Our goal is to help you check if you qualify for USA citizenship, complete and file your own application with the USCIS without the assistance of an immigration attorney.

The naturalization process consists of several important steps that you should be familiar with before submitting your application to the USCIS.

Advantages of U.S. Citizenship:
You can vote in elections
You can help your family members come to the United States
Your unmarried children can move to the United Statess
You will be able to get Social Security benefits even if you do not live in the United States
You may live in other countries and still hold a citizenship
You can have an American passport when you travel
You can re-enter the United States easily
You do not have to renew your green card
You do not have to file a form when you change your address
You will not be deported
You get financial aid from the government
You do not have to worry about immigration laws

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