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United States Dual Citizenship
Dual Citizenship
Overview of Dual Citizenship: Dual citizenship means that an individual is a citizen of two countries at the same time, which is the case of most individuals that apply of U.S. citizenship. However, it is also possible to be a citizen of three or more countries. Every country has its own laws regarding dual citizenship. Some countries allow it, others do not, while some have no particular laws regarding dual citizenship. The "United States Dual Citizenship Guide" is an information guide that describes and advantages and disadvantages of holding dual citizenship/nationality.

It is a common misunderstanding to think that it is possible to apply for dual citizenship and obtain a dual citizenship certificate. This is not possible. Dual citizenship is a term used to describe an individual that holds two or more citizenships at the same time.

Dual citizenship is a complex issue and it is important that you understand that there obligations and not only benefits that comes with being a dual citizen. Being a citizen of two countries means that you need to obey the laws of both countries, including paying taxes and serving in the military (if required by any of the countries). The United States Dual Citizenship Guide explains these issues in detail and what you need to consider.

It is highly recommended that any individual that considers to apply for US citizenship also reads the "United States Dual Citizenship Guide". The "United States Dual Citizenship Guide" is an additional information guide, but it does not contain specific information on how to apply for US citizenship.

The United States Dual Citizenship Guide contains:
Dual citizenship overview
Advantages and disadvantages of dual US citizenship/nationality
How to find out your citizenship status
Double taxation issues
Military service for dual citizens
Marriage to a dual citizenship
Children of dual citizens
Traveling with two passports
Employment opportunities for dual citizens
Entitlement to social programs
Property ownership
Recognition of foreign marriage
Inheritance issues for dual citizens
How to give up your citizenship
There are no application forms for dual citizenship

Eligibility Requirements: The U.S. government allows dual citizenship. United States law recognizes dual citizenship, but the U.S. government does not encourage it is as a matter of policy due to the problems that may arise from it. It is important to understand that a foreign citizen does NOT lose his or her citizenship when becoming a U.S. citizen. An individual that becomes a U.S. citizen through naturalization may keep his or her original citizenship. However, as some countries do not recognize dual citizenship, it is important to consider it carefully before applying for U.S. citizenship.

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